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Discover what your customers love, where they pause, and why they leave. Use SabiAnalytics to drive sales, increase satisfaction, identify opportunities for growth, and boost customer retention.
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See Through Your Visitors' and Customers' Eyes

Maximize Website Performance, Boost User Satisfaction, and Skyrocket Your Sales with Targeted Improvements

Unlock the full potential of your website by applying strategic improvements based on real user interactions. From simplifying the user journey to enhancing engagement and conversion rates, make every visit a step towards increased satisfaction and sales.

Monitor Real-time Activity
See What They See
Boost Overall Sales
Understand Clicks
Capture Valuable Feedback
Accelerate Sales Process
Leverage Heatmap Insights
Find What Works
Boost Stay Time
Spot Issues
Boost Engagement
Refine Messaging
Spot Emerging Trends
Detect Drop-offs
Predict Customer Needs
Gain Interaction Insights
Streamline Website Visits
Reduce Cart Abandonment
Ensure Faster Checkouts
Drive Product Discovery
Facilitate Quick Purchases
Boost Customer Retention
Expand Market Reach
Accelerate Business Growth
Clarify Customer Journeys
Minimize Error Pages
Refine Ad Targeting
Optimize Campaign Strategies
Analyze Browsing Behavior
Improve Navigation Ease
Validate Design Changes
Improve Page Layouts
Optimize Mobile Experience
Upgrade Customer Support
Strengthen Security Measures
Prevent Fraudulent Activity
Expand Product Range
Implement Security Updates
Prioritize Feature Requests
Facilitate Quick Browsing
Enhance Form Usability
Get Started with Ease

See and Understand What's Happening on Your Website in Minutes

Step into a new era of understanding your website's user experience with SabiAnalytics. In just three simple steps, unlock the power to see, understand, and enhance how visitors interact with your site. From real session recordings to actionable insights, transforming your digital space has never been easier.

Create Your Account

Start by signing up for SabiAnalytics. It's fast, free, and straightforward. Open the door to a new level of website intelligence in less than 5 minutes.

Add Your Website

Link your site to SabiAnalytics with just a few clicks. Copy our unique tracking code ready for your site to unveil its interactions.

Embed the Code

Paste the tracking code into your website's <head> section. Begin tracking and analyzing user interactions instantly.

Empowering Insights

Drive Success with Actionable Analytics

Transform how you manage and optimize your online presence with targeted insights from SabiAnalytics. Every feature is designed to simplify decision-making and boost your business growth.

Deep User Understanding

Watch real visitor interactions with session recordings to see what works and what needs improvement.

Immediate Tactical Decisions

Use real-time data to make quick adjustments that enhance user experiences instantly.

Enhanced Conversion Rates

Set and track specific goals to significantly improve your site's conversion metrics.

Streamlined User Navigation

Analyze user paths to refine navigation, making your site more intuitive and user-friendly.

Operational Efficiency

Identify and rectify site issues rapidly, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied users.

Marketing Optimization

Align your marketing strategies with user behavior insights to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Increased Engagement

Discover interactive elements that capture attention and encourage longer site visits.

Strategic Growth

Leverage analytics to support strategic decisions that drive business growth and market adaptability.

Boost Tools Unlocked

Empower Your Decisions with Comprehensive Tools for Dynamic Growth

Discover insights and make quick changes for better results. Equipped with everything from instant analytics to detailed visitor journeys, SabiAnalytics offers all you need to grow your business and boost your site’s experience, simply and effectively.

Behind The Scenes

Watch Visitor Actions with Session Replays

Record and replay visitor interactions to truly understand user behavior on your website. See what engages users, where they struggle, and how they navigate through your site.

Save Time: Quickly identify and resolve user issues without guesswork.
Increase Sales: Understand customer behavior to enhance the buying experience.
Reduce Customer Complaints: Proactively address usability issues before they frustrate users.
Improve Training: Use real examples to train your team on customer interaction.
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Clicks & Scrolls Illuminated

Visualize Engagement with Heatmaps

Pinpoint user engagement hotspots. Heatmaps visually track where users click, scroll, and pause, clearly identifying the most and least engaging parts of your site.

Boost Marketing ROI: Refine marketing efforts by focusing on what genuinely engages customers.
Enhance Product Placement: Strategically place popular items to increase visibility and sales.
Simplify Decision-Making: Visual data simplifies understanding user preferences for non-techies.
Maximize Advertising Efficiency: Identify and utilize the best spots for ads to capture attention.
Target Success

Measure Achievements with Goal Tracking

Define and track specific objectives, from form submissions to product purchases, to gauge the effectiveness of your website and marketing strategies.

Directly Link Actions to Outcomes: See which activities are driving profit and focus on them.
Streamline Resource Allocation: Use concrete data to justify where to allocate your budget.
Improve ROI: Set and measure specific objectives to ensure marketing dollars are well spent.
Enhance Accountability: Clear metrics help track team performance and guide improvements.
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Instant Insights

Get Live Feedback with Real-Time Analytics

Get up-to-the-minute data on website performance and user behavior. Real-time analytics allow you to act swiftly, optimizing your site based on live insights.

React Instantly to Trends: Adjust strategies in real-time to seize business opportunities.
Increase Customer Satisfaction: Quickly respond to customer behavior and preferences.
Avoid Losses: Immediate data lets you stop poorly performing elements before they cost you.
Stay Ahead of Competitors: Fast data analysis means you can outpace competitors with agility.
Visitor Pathways

Explore Visitor Journeys Throughout Your Website

Follow your visitors’ journey through your site to understand their experiences. Discover what draws their attention, where they hesitate, what they bypass, and where they drop off.

Optimize Customer Paths: Ensure customers find what they need quickly, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.
Reduce Bounce Rates: Keep visitors engaged longer to increase the chances of conversion.
Tailor Customer Experiences: Personalize the shopping experience based on user behavior insights.
Increase Repeat Business: Make the user's journey enjoyable, encouraging them to return.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We've got answers!

Our team has compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to help you better understand Sabi Analytics and its features.

Sabi Analytics is a user-friendly digital experience insights and behavior analytics platform that captures and analyzes user behavior on websites to determine what matters most to its users.

Sabi Analytics can help your business by tracking your users' journey, replaying their sessions, collecting heatmaps, and more to fully understand how users are experiencing your site and learn how to give them the best experience possible.

Yes, Sabi Analytics offers a free forever account, so you can test the software and see if it's right for you.

You can monitor multiple websites with just one Sabi Analytics account.

Yes, Sabi Analytics is a cloud-based software, so you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Sabi Analytics offers a variety of pricing plans to fit different needs and budgets. You can find more information on our pricing page.

We take security very seriously and use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect customer data.

Sabi Analytics is different from other web analytics solutions because it has a clean and simple interface with easy to understand analytics that provide only the information that is necessary for you to understand how your website is performing.

Yes, you can see realtime data with Sabi Analytics. You can check and see how many users are online, which devices are the most popular, and what pages are most accessed.

Sabi Analytics is a for-profit platform that provides advanced analytics features and tools which require resources to operate and continue to improve. Additionally, Sabi Analytics offers a free forever account for users to test out its features before deciding to upgrade to a paid plan.

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